11 Photography Genres

11 Photography Genres: Find the Right One for You!

Just like any other form of art, photography has a lot of different types and genres. There is hardly one outstanding photographer out there that managed to master all of them. And we surely do not recommend attempting that.

How about finding the genre or a few that excite you the most?

  1. Black and White Photography
    Usually, photography has three main topics: nature, people and things. The perfect genre is chosen after you figure out what exactly you want to highlight in your picture. But black and white photography doesn’t limit your concept.
    If earlier such a genre was a necessity, today it is purely a stylistic choice. Are you a drama lover? Then black and white photography is the best option for you. Just don’t forget to focus on the contrast.
  2. Aerial Photography
    Surprisingly, this genre is not new at all. The first aerial image was taken in 1858 thanks to Gaspard-Félix Tournachon (Nadar) – he managed to tether a camera to a balloon!
    With the creation of drones aerial photography became more popular and accessible.
  3. Macro Photography
    The genre that helps us see the hidden, tiny worlds. So different and so magical. Special lenses are extremely important, if you want to become a dedicated macro photographer. Though nowadays even smartphones have macro photography options.
  4. Composite Photography
    Such images are made out of at least two pictures. You can combine those to make simple things appear in unexpected surroundings, for example.
    HDR photography is 2, 3 or 9 photos mashed together. But these ones are simply taken at different exposure levels.
    And let’s not forget about time lapse photography that helps us see whole dynamic processes.
  5. Travel Photography
    Whether you choose to specialize in natural landscape photography (a whole separate genre) or entitle yourself as a ‘travel’ photographer, it is the love of adventure that you have to posses in the first place.
  6. Documentary Photography & Photojournalism
    Sometimes one single shot can say more than a thousand words. The main aim of a photographer here is to show the raw and sometimes ugly truth. Your pictures may have the power to make people cry.
  7. Fashion & Beauty Photography
    Your ticket to the world of high fashion and glamour. One of the most highly paid spheres in photography. You should know how to take a picture in a way to make the clients want to buy the product. Whether it’s a dress or a lipstick.
  8. Wedding Photography
    Capture the moments that the newlyweds will be having a look through for the rest of their lives. That’s a huge responsibility! © david dean photography.
  9. Interior Photography
    It is difficult to make something that is not alive look interesting and captivating on a photo. But true professionals can make simple stairs look mesmerizing!
  10. Newborn Photography
    Parents have to trust you. After all, they are handing you the most precious thing that they have. The images certainly have to be loaded with cuteness.
  11. Food Photography
    A huge trend nowadays, though the genre is not new. Make everyone want to eat the screen, once they see your picture that is finger licking good.
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